Ballenero Morgan

Tomado del documento publicado por diario Clarín el Sábado 28 de Agosto de 2010 en la sección Ciencia y Tecnología de "The New York Times" U.S. whaleship Charles W. Morgan,

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About the Charles W. Morgan

The Charles W. Morgan is the last surviving wooden whaling ship from the great days of sail. Built in 1841 in New Bedford, MA, the Morgan had a successful 80-year whaling career. She made 37 voyages before retiring in 1921, and was preserved as an exhibit through the efforts of a number of dedicated citizens. After being on display in South Dartmouth, MA, until 1941, she came to Mystic Seaport, where each year thousands of visitors walk her decks and hear the fascinating story of her career as a whaling vessel, historic exhibit, film and media star, and a porthole into America's rich history. Take your own journey into the history of this remarkable survivor.... seguir leyendo:

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